Spin 7-360 (flagship type) car washing machine

Shanghai Broad Dragon Spin 7 single-arm flagship, with advanced contactless car washing machine design concept, domineering appearance model, fully automated car wash system, smooth operation control, achieved a qualitative leap in the car washing machine industry.

Rotary 7-360 type – product configuration tableBasic-technical parameters
● Standard car wash mode● Car wash statisticsprojectparameter
● Intensive car wash mode● Operation permission settingEquipment dimensions (length * width * height)3500*1200*900(mm)
● Fully automatic car wash mode● Fault self-test functionInstallation size requirements (length * width * height)7500*3800*3350 (mm)
● LED prompt guidance system● Cleaning the mirrorProportioning machine dimensions (length * width * height)800*450*1400(mm)
● Intelligent liquid proportioning system● One-button antifreeze systemPump station dimensions (length * width * height)1250*800*600
● Chassis tire flushing● Oil-free functionGreater car wash height2050 (mm)
● Intelligent three-dimensional detection system● Multi-liquid multiplexing functionLarger car wash width2900mm
● Self-guided parking system● Security alarm functionGreater car wash length5900mm
● Digital safety collision avoidance system● Auto standby functionPower requirement380v/22Kw
● 360 degree rotary rinse● Hot-dip galvanized mounting frameOrdinary wash56 seconds / car
● Car wash liquid● Operator stationOrdinary car wash mode – energy consumption0.7/car
● Highlight bright system (colorful)● Leakage protectorFine wash4 minutes 50 seconds / car
● Crystal coating wax● Alert reminder systemIntensive car wash mode – energy consumption4.5 yuan / car
● Magic color shampoo● Voice prompt systemTotal weight of equipment2600Kg/10.5 cubic
● Built-in automatic drying○ WeChat payment systemTotal power45Kw
● Soft water spray○ Alloy wire drawing consoletrack2 roots (7.5m)
 ● Remote controlframe13
 ○ Automatic lifting doorannexPipe fittings, accessory boxes
Note: ● Some items ○ No such items (Customers can also choose more car wash items according to their own needs)
Equipment accessories name / brand / power
High pressure pumpsGerman PIFU pumpPump motor powerSiemens Motor (18.5Kw)
Fan motor powerSiemens motor (20.5Kw)Fan air volumeFull pressure 11000Pa / air volume 23000 cubic / h
Rotary servo motorTaiwan DeltaLateral servo motorTaiwan Delta
PLC controllerSiemensColor touch screenTaiwan Delta
Ultrasonic sensorPepperl+Fuchs, Germanyphotoelectric sensorAmerican Bonner
Proximity sensorSchneiderFrequency converterSchneider
ContactorSchneiderRelayJapan Omron
Switching power supplyTaiwan Ming WeiLongitudinal drive motorJinlong Motor (370W)

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