KL1 car washing machine

Rotary 7 (Classic) – Product Configuration TableBasic-technical parameters
1 Standard car wash modeprojectparameter
2 Intensive car wash modeDimensions (length * width * height)2800*900*660(mm)
3 Safety collision avoidance function systemInstallation requirements (length * width * height)6200*3400*3000(mm)
4 chassis flushing functionGreater car wash height2000 (mm)
5 360 degree full car high pressure flushing functionLarger car wash width2600 (mm)
6 360 degree full car wash car wash functionGreater car wash length5900 (mm)
7 Car wash statisticsPower requirement380v/16Kw
8 Remote control operationCar wash speed90 seconds / car
9 Fault self-test functionPacking volume6 cubic meters
10 Operation authority systemTotal weight of equipment1600Kg
11 Oil-free functiontrack2 (6m)
12 Hot galvanized installation frameWater Consumption180 liters / car
13 Washing antifreeze drainage devicepower consumption0.5 yuan / car
14 Human machine interface color touch screenCar wash liquid dosage0.5 yuan / car
15 Drive SystemInfinitely variable frequency speed control + digital stepping drive system
16 Detection SystemsUltrasonic body length detection system
17 CPUEmbedded central processor + PLC dual core system
Note: ● Some items ○ No such items (Customers can also choose more car wash items according to their own needs)
Equipment accessories name / brand / power
German brand high pressure water pumpPINFLPump motor powerShanghai Electric (11Kw)
Rotary motor400W stepper drive systemLongitudinal drive motor370W stepless frequency control
PLC controllerTaiwan DeltaColor touch screenTaiwan Delta
Ultrasonic sensorPepperl+Fuchs, Germanyphotoelectric sensorAmerican Bonner
Proximity sensorSchneiderFrequency converterTaiwan Delta
ContactorSchneiderRelayJapan Omron
Switching power supplyTaiwan Ming Wei  

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