Shanghai Kuolong automatic washing machine China International Energy Gas Station installed and commissioned

Shanghai Kuolong automatic car washing machine China International Energy Gas Station installed and commissioned, refueling free car wash is in progress. The wide dragon car wash equipment helps the Chinese gas station. Shanghai Julong Company is willing to provide one-stop, more professional and humanized service guarantee for each user.


Shanghai Kuolong Cleaning Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service of automatic car washing machine. Founded in 2005, Julong Company is located in Shanghai Hongqiao Business District, three kilometers from Hongqiao Airport and Hongqiao Railway Station. The company’s main products are car washing machine , automatic car washing machine , automatic car washing machine , car washing equipment , automatic car washing equipment , automatic car washing equipment , contactless car washing machine , self-service car washing machine , automatic car washing, computer washing machine , computer automatic car washing machine , computer Automatic car washing machine , unattended car washing machine , brush washing machine , reciprocating car washing machine , tunnel car washing machine , high pressure car washing machine , and bus washing machine , train automatic car washing machine and other special vehicle washing machine. The car washing machine is cost-effective. The wide-body car washing machine in Shanghai and the Shanghai manufacturing have been sold to dozens of the world.

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Shanghai Julong Cleaning Machinery Co., Ltd. provides users with high quality and intelligent car cleaning system with more than ten years experience in car washing machine manufacturing. All along, we insist on the needs of consumers, innovative technology and personalized design as the starting point to bring more and newer innovative experiences to users. There is no end to innovation, and the ingenuity will always be recognized! The company’s goal: to build an international automatic car washing machine brand.

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