The store is attracting customers by car wash, but what if the car wash can’t attract the owner?

Many car beauty stores generally rely on lowering the price of car wash to attract customers into the store when they are operating in the storefront. However, most of the current car owners are very savvy in the store, and they will not come to your store because of the low price of your store. Other projects, even if the sales staff has made a great effort, the owner is also a sentence, I think about it, basically no play, then want to really let the owner consume at the store, what should we do? ( automatic car wash Machine )

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In fact, many times, the owner of the car is not spending in your store. It is a chance. You need to find an excuse for the car owner. This excuse is the vehicle inspection. ( automatic car washing machine)

I don’t know if the bosses will have such an experience in their lives: they haven’t been to the hospital for a long time, and they always feel that there is something wrong with them, but they haven’t found out yet. I want to check my body. The costly and time-consuming physical examination has hindered us from entering the hospital. ( automatic car washing machine)

However, if a regular hospital launches a free and Zhou Xiang’s physical examination package, even if your body does not have any problems, would you like to try it? ( Automatic car washing machine)

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The physical examination is the same as the consumer psychology of vehicle inspection. Many car owners are worried that their car has hidden dangers. It is just because they are afraid of being pitted, and it takes a long time, so they are not willing to check, but the owner still hopes to do a thorough and Professional full car inspection. ( automatic car washing machine)

In this way, the vehicle inspection is indeed a good reason for the owner, and it also provides a new entry point for the store to drive the passenger volume. ( automatic car washing machine)

But if you want to use the vehicle to check the amount of passengers, you must first overcome two difficulties:

Difficulties: customer dislike

When you are inspecting the vehicle, you will find that the customer is afraid of you: if you don’t check it, you will check it and feel that your car is going to be scrapped. Check out dozens of problems, each of which costs a lot of money. In this case, the vehicle inspection is not a welfare in the eyes of the owner, nor is it a way to solve the problem of the car, but a trick of the car service store “pit money”. ( automatic car washing machine)


Difficulties 2: Employees resist

The car owner’s resentment attitude reduced the enthusiasm of the staff inspection, and was under the pressure of the boss, had to deal with the matter, the result wasted paper and resources, but did not create the value it deserved, but also affected the employees’ work mood. ( automatic car washing machine)

At present, most of the stores are faced with such a problem: do not check no business, check customer complaints, employees are not happy. So, what should be done by using the vehicle to check the amount of passengers?

01 borrowing experience marketing to win the trust of the owner

The construction process is a better opportunity for the owner to experience the service. The service store must let the owner participate in the maintenance process, understand the process, precautions and quality standards of each service, and they can understand why this service has to collect so much money. This price has a lot of value. If your store can make experiential marketing in place, customers who are “spoiled” by you will pick up the car service store and become a loyal customer in your store. ( automatic car washing machine)

02 save money first, then spend

The experience of the car service store to the owner should be like this: Although you let him spend in your store, he does not feel distressed, but feels that you saved him a lot of money. ( automatic car washing machine)

Therefore, if the store wants the owner to have such a “earned” quality experience, he should first help him save money and then ask him to spend money.

How should I save it? For example, if you find 32 problems when you check the car, then you can solve the five problems for the customer free of charge. You don’t have to ask the customer to do the rest, but tell him. The stakes and advise him to do. ( automatic car washing machine)

As the so-called man’s hand is short, the owner has the benefit of you, and knows that there is a problem with the car, it will definitely do the best, and properly carry out maintenance.


03 Adjust employee sentiment

The staff had an emotion about the vehicle inspection, mainly because of the cold reception of the owner, and felt that it was a “difficult to please” thing. The employees worked hard but did not create the expected performance, and the emotions were also expected. The boss should change the employee’s mentality, do not regard the vehicle inspection as a way to profit from the store and employee dividends, but to raise the matter to the level of professional ethics and persistence. ( automatic car washing machine)

Vehicle inspection can not only bring benefits to the store, but also help the owner to improve the safety of driving, and even avoid car breakdowns, accidents, etc., why not do it? And the store owner only needs to transfer the sense of justice and enthusiasm of the employees. Get up, I believe the store staff will be happy to do vehicle inspections. ( automatic car washing machine)

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